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The Origins Series box

For some, our Origin Series box is an ideal introduction to our way of creating single malt. For others, it might serve as a perfect snapshot of High Coast Whisky right now. Whatever your interests, what you do get is a box packed full of exquisite whisky.

The Origins Series box contains four bottles that offer a glimpse into the genesis of our whisky creation. The four whiskies are Timmer, Hav, Älv and Berg, and they come in four 200 ml bottles. The box is a tribute to our origins, our terroir, to the High Coast and to those who appreciate what we do. It is the perfect initiation into High Coast Whisky’s taste and our origins – it offers a glimpse into the way we do things.

2000 boxes have been released in Sweden but The Origins Series will also be available on selected international markets.
However you buy one, you can look forward to a really nice box with whisky that will illuminate High Coast Whisky’s soul.