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Cinco is Spanish for the number five. For Cinco we have used a number of barrels that previously matured five different styles of sherry. The five varieties are Oloroso, Fino, Pedro Ximénez, Amontillado and Palo Cortado.

The original idea was that these barrels would be used for an Advanced masterclass, but instead we chose to mix some of the barrels together and this became Cinco.

We are fairly certain that no other whisky has been created by combining these five different types of sherry styles.

Cinco was be presented as a webbrelease at, June 1st and sold out the same day. It will also be available at selected international markets

  • Cinco consists of 100% of unpeated whiskey matured in five different styles of sherry barrels; Palo Cortado, Pedro Ximénez, Amontillado, Oloroso and Fino. All included whisky has been matured in Bourbon barrels for between 2.66 and 5.64 years.
    Ten of the 11 barrels are matured in Spanish oak. We added one cask of Pedro Ximénez that was matured in American oak to balance up the spicy flavours of the European oak with some sweeter notes.

    On February 25, 2020, 2203 kilos of whisky were emptied from 11 barrels with an average alcohol content of 60%. We then added 473 liters of water to reach the predetermined alcohol content of 50.5% alc./vol.

    On February 26, a total of 5,195 bottles were bottled.

    Cinco is neither coloured or chill-filtered. We recommend that Cinco be allowed to breathe a short while in the glass before it is enjoyed.

  • Cask list Cinco 

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  • Yeast: Fermentis Safwhiskey M-1

    Process water: From Lake Bålsjön, filtered through sand and carbon filters.

    Cooling water: From the Ångerman River

    Batch size: 1200 kg malt / 6300 liters

    Batches used: 40B-55B, 75A-88A, 463B-479A

    Average fermentation time: 80 hours in stainless steel fermentation.

    First cut of the heart:
    Unpeated recipe: 13 minutes head (starter)
    Secong cut of the heart:
    Unpeated recipe: 67% ABV (20 ° C)

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): 50,5 % ABV
    Age: 6,76 - 8,68 years (average 8,48 years)
    Phenol content PPM: 0
    Cask: Palo Cortado, Pedro Ximénes, Amontillado, Oloroso and Fino
    Number of Bottles: 5 195 st
    Bottle Size: 500 ml
    Price: 879 SEK

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