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The Pioneer

Our first own whisky under the Box brand was presented to the whisky world in June 2014. The name The Pioneer was most fitting. A pioneer bottling of just over three year old whisky, young, affectionate and promising something great. A classic bottle on many collectors shelves.

The basic idea of ​​Box’s first official whisky was to present a relatively traditional bottling from bourbon barrels. Three years is no long shelf life for a whisky, and we assumed that we had to make the first bottling with a relatively large proportion of smoky spirits to dampen the youthful edging. By the way, we now know that Box unpeated whiskies work extremely well even at a young age and we didn’t have to mask or hide the youth. The Pioneer was released via a web release at Systembolaget and the 6500 bottles sold out in minutes.

  • 50 percent peated whisky matured for three years in Bourbon anchors (40 liter) 35 percent smoky whisky (31ppm) matured for three years in Bourbon anchors (40 liters) 15 percent unpeated whisky matured for two years in 200 liter Bourbon barrels and final storage on 100 liter barrels of charred new Swedish oak. The relatively light smoky whisky gives a clear but still moderate smokiness. The element of charred Swedish oak gives the whisky a spicy style, with caramel and toffee notes as well as a little deeper colour. The Pioneer contains no artificial colouring and is non chill-filtered.

  • All casks underwent a scent check before filling. Deviant scents in bourbon barrels in addition to vanilla and buttermilk were noted in the cask log. From these barrels there were layers of rather unusual tones, e.g. Strawberries, mandarin, punch praline, rosehip, orange, licorice, grass, rum raisin and candied sweets.

    35 Bourbon ankare were filled at 71,6 % ABV with unpeated spirit 05/04/2011. 21  Bourbon ankare filled at 67,7 % ABV peated sprit (31ppm) 16/04/2011 and 17/04/2011. 21/03/2011 and 15/05/2011 we filled 4 100 liter casks of charred Swedsih Oak with 2 year old unpeated spirit matured in 200 liter Jack Daniels barrels since 16/03/2011. Original abv was 72,8% abv. The Swedish oak comes from Ljunby & Mönsterås and is air dried outside for 36 months.

    The whisky was stored in a damp warehouse and the alcohol dropped approximately 6% in these casks.

    In total 2175 kilos of whisky, with an average strength of 64,27% abv, were emptied into our blending tank. There we added water to reach the desired strength of 48,1% abv.


  • Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1

    Unpeated malt: Pilsner malt from Vikingmalt in Halmstad.

    Barely types: Quench, Tipple, Publican, Astorian

    Peated malt: Pilsner malt from Castle Maltings in Belgium as well as peated malt from Scottish maltsters. Peated to a phenolic level of 31 and 46ppm with peat from Scotland

    Barely types: Henley 70 % och Sebastian 30 %.

    Process water: From Bålsjön, filtered through sand and carbon filters

    Cooling water: From Ångermanälven (fron 3,0–5,5 degrees)

    Batch size: 1200 kg malt / 6300 liter wort

    Included batches: 18–37, 40–47

    Average fermentation time: 79 hours in stainless steels washbacks.

    Distilled between: 08/02/2011 – 30/03/2011

    First Cut:
    Unpeated spirit: 10 minutes head (foreshots)
    Peated spirit: 30 minutes head (foreshots)

    Second Cut:
    Unpeated spirit: 67 % ABV (20°C)
    Peated spirit: 59 % ABV (20°C)

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): % ABV
    Phenol content PPM:
    Number of Bottles: 6 508 st
    Bottle Size: 50 ml
    Price: 0 SEK

Early Days Collection

The Early Days Collection is made up of the first four official bottlings made under the Box label. We started our fantastic whisky journey here.

The High Coast Whisky Insider