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The Challenger

In November 2014, the second official bottle was released in our first product line, The Early Days Collection. It was named The Challenger. With more smokiness and elements of sherry, it challenged the notions of what a three-year-old whisky could deliver.

The second edition in the series The Early Days Collection has been composed differently than The Pioneer. Significantly smokier and with a clear element of sherry that fits well during the cooler months of the year. It is still a young whisky but challenges our beliefs about what just over three-year-old whisky has to offer. We mean that the Challenger stands up well to much older bottles. 5000 bottles were released on Systembolagets website on November 27th and sold out immediately.

  • 74 % peated whisky (31 & 39 ppm) matured 3,5 years in Bourbon ankare (40 liter).

    15 % unpeated whisky matured 3 years 1 month in oloroso ankare (40 liter).

    11 % peated whisky (45 ppm) matured 3 years and 1 month in oloroso ankare (40 liter).

    The Challenger contains no artificial colouring and is non chill-filtered.

  • 11 bourbon ankare filled at 67,7% ABV peated spirit (31ppm) 16/04/2011
    20 bourbon ankare filled at 63% ABV peated spirit (39ppm) 18/05/2011
    23 bourbon ankare filled at 63% ABV peated spirit (39ppm) 26/05/2011
    10 sherry ankare filled at 62,4% ABV unpeated spirit 05/10/2011
    7 sherry ankare filled at 60,7% ABV peated spirit (45ppm) 06/10/2011

    All casks underwent a scent check before filling. Deviant scents in bourbon barrels in addition to vanilla and buttermilk were noted in the cask log.

    The whisky was stored in a damp warehouse and the alcohol dropped approximately 6% in these casks.

    06/11/2014 and 07/11/2014  2 122,8 kg of whisky with an abv of 57,4% was tipped into our blending tanks where water was added to bring the abv to the desried 48,2% giving us 5416 bottles. 5000 bottles were released 27/11/2014 online through Systembolaget the rest were reserved for tastings fairs and events, with some bottles going to the on-trade and a few international stores.

    We recommend that The Challenger is allowed to breathe in the glass for a few moments to reach its peak. Add a few drops of water to help the aromas develop within the glass.


  • Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1

    Unpeated malt: Pilsner malt from Vikingmalt in Halmstad.

    Barely types: Henley, Publican, Quench

    Peated malt: Pilsner malt from Castle Maltings in Belgium as well as peated malt from Scottish maltsters. Peated to a phenolic level of 31, 39 and 46ppm.

    Barely types: Henley, Sébastian

    Process water: From Bålsjön, filtered through sand and carbon filters

    Cooling water: From Ångermanälven

    Batch size: 1200 kg malt / 6300 liter wort

    Included batches: 18-27, 56-69, 115-124, 135-142

    Average fermentation time: 79 hours in stainless steels washbacks. 80 distillations.

    Distilled between: 04/02/2011 – 04/10/2011

    First Cut:
    Unpeated spirit: 13 minutes head (foreshots)
    Peated spirit: 30 minutes head (foreshots)

    Second Cut:
    Unpeated spirit: 67 % ABV (20°C)
    Peated spirit: 59 % ABV (20°C) batch 18–27, 60 % ABV (20°C) batch 56–69 och 115–124

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): 48,2% % ABV
    Age: 3 years 32 days
    Phenol content PPM: 0, 31, 39 and 45 ppm. Average 33 ppm (malt)
    Cask: 1:st fill bourbon and 1:st fill oloroso
    Number of Bottles: 5 416 st
    Bottle Size: 50 ml
    Price: 837 SEK

Early Days Collection

The Early Days Collection is made up of the first four official bottlings made under the Box label. We started our fantastic whisky journey here.

The High Coast Whisky Insider