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63°N 17°E +46 (0) 612 530 60, High Coast, Sweden
+46 (0) 612 530 60 @highcoastwhisky


ALBA is a meeting between northern Swedish whisky craftsmanship and American nature: an encounter that has lingered and deepened over the years.

Experience has shown us that when our pristine and pure distillate matures in casks of new American white oak, something sparks that could be called magic, but which of course is mostly chemistry.

We have used new American oak casks as a finish on some of our most appreciated bottlings, enjoying both the results of the flavors and the appreciation of the whisky world. So, it is fantastic to now be able to present a whisky that has spent most of its time in casks of new American white oak. We have chosen to call it ALBA, after the American white oak, Quercus alba.

The storage time was 8.3 years. This is perhaps the most important difference between ALBA and its predecessors. The time. New things happen when our distillate is allowed to rest longer in the arms of the white oak. Time develops a complexity that really delivers. 

  • AromaPeat smoke, pears, cumin, woody, cinnam, cinnamon
  • PalateVanilla, tar pastilles, goose berries, bergamot, a little pepperiness
  • FinishLong with light tobacco tones, traces of smoke, hints of oak
  • High Coast Alba is a 100 % peated whisky. 76 % of the content has matured in virgin american oak (Quercus alba) casks from the very beginning until bottling date. The remaining 26 % was matured in first fill bourbon casks. The whisky is 8,3 years old when bottled at 53 % ABV.

  • The casks were in their first years stored in a warehouse with high level of humidity and lost a bit of alcohol. From 2015 they have been stored i dryer environment i our warehouse no 3.

  • Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1
    Process water: From Lake Bålsjön, filtered through sand and carbon filters.
    Cooling water: From Ångerman River
    Batch size: 1200 kg malt / 6300 liters
    Average fermentation time:80 hours in stainless steel fermentation

    First cut of the heart:

    Peated recipe:30 minutes head (start)
    Second cut of the heart:

    Peated recipe:60% ABV (20 ° C)

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): 53 % ABV
    Age: 8,3 år
    Phenol content PPM: 44 ppm
    Cask: American virgin oak and first fill bourbon
    Number of Bottles: 5 044 st
    Bottle Size: 500 ml
    Price: 799 SEK

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Our whisky tells the story of our heritage, our environment and events that shaped our history

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