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Dálvve Sherry Influence

With Sherry Influence, Dàlvve was enhanced with the rich flavours from Jerez. A deeper, darker whisky where the light smoky bourbon notes of Dàlvve join company with sherry matured casks.

Dálvve Sherry Influence shows off a slightly darker side of High Coast Single Malt Whisky. It is an elegant all-round whisky where just over half of the barrels have previously matured oloroso sherry. Both the bourbon and sherry casks are of the highest quality which give clear flavours with classic sherry notes, fruitiness, cereal, vanilla and a light honey finish. In addition, there is a touch of Ådalen smoke because a smaller proportion of our peated spirit was used when filling some of the sherry matured whisky. Dálvve Sherry Influence is a unique edition that will not be repeated. In total we produced 13 104 70 cl bottles and 1 500 75 cl bottles for the US market. Dálvve Sherry Influence was the first High Coast whisky to be sold in the United States.