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Advanced Master Class No 1.1 Toasting Levels

Advanced Master Class is an exciting test and training material that our Distillery Manager, Roger Melander created for everyone who has a dedicated whisky interest and wants to further their knowledge in the mystery of whisky.

The Advanced Master Class contains 5 x 20 cl sample bottles with various distillates and comprehensive training material. This is not primarily a box with just whisky, it is a box full of whisky knowledge and a starting point for an exciting and educational test, individually or together with friends.
The first edition of Advanced Master Class No 1 “Toasting levels” came as early as 2013 and had different heat treatment of casks as a theme.
The box is of course sold out, but you will find the educational material here.

The second edition of Advanced Master Class No 2 “The Middle Cut” came in 2015 and the theme was distillation, the foundation of our whisky. Click here for training material.

On October 17th, 2019, the third edition, Advanced Master Class 1: 1 “Toasting levels” was released. Here Roger Melander takes up the theme from the very first box again, but now with six years experience of developed barrel work and with just over 5 year old whisky in the bottles. Advanced Master Class 1.1 brings you to an exciting in-depth look at what the different heat treatment of barrels means for the final product. It’s a sublime taste journey with plenty of analysis and conclusions that really challenge your whisky interest. The educational material is crucial to your experience of the Advanced Master Class. The material for Advanced Master Class 1: 1 can be found on the right-hand side of the page as a pdf-file. It downloadable and can also be printed.

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): 56 % ABV
    Age: 5,84
    Phenol content PPM: 0
    Cask: 2nd fill Swedish oak
    Number of Bottles: 887 st
    Bottle Size: 20 ml
    Price: 1 368 SEK

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