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2nd Step Collection 01

The first step in The 2nd Step Collection is the most smoky official bottling from Box so far. It is a whisky that combines a distinctive smokiness with a subtle fruitiness and a soft barrel character.

All whisky included in this series is smoky. With the pilot series Early Days Collection, we explored flavours and characters of really young whisky, now we take another step and can experiment with a more mature taste palette. Even the Second Step Collection 01 is a young whisky, the oldest barrel used are from October 2011, no barrel is older than four and a half years. With the Second Step Collection we will take you on a taste trip through Box Whisky’s warehouse. It will be a journey that surprises and makes us think about young whisky and how it develops when conditions are optimal.

  • 98% of the whisky comes from 130 liter bourbon barrels. The remaining 2% comes from a new hard-roasted 100 liter American oak as a slightly spicy top note in the mix. 100% of the whisky is made using our peated recipe.

    The 2nd Step Collection 01 contains no artificial colouring and is non chill-filtered.

  • 130 liter Bourbon barrels constructed by Speyside Cooperage from recently emptied 200 liter Bourbon barrels.

    Barrels of heavily toasted American oak are made at Kelvin Cooperage.

    Until October 2014, our casks have matured in a damp warehouse, where they lost slightly more alcohol than expected. Since October 2014 until bottling, the casks have been maturing in a dry environment in warehouse number 3.
    14/03/2016 to 17/03/2016  3 147 kg of whisky with an average strength of 59,18% was emptied into our blending tank where the alcohol level was adjusted to the desired strength of 51,1% for bottling.

    The 2nd Step Collection 01 was bottled between 21/03/2016 to 23/03/2016 providing us with 7,880 bottles. 7002 bottles were released via Systembolaget on April 22, 2016. The remaining bottles were reserved for fairs, tastings and some foreign markets.

    We recommend that The 2nd Step Collection is allowed to breathe in the glass for a few moments to reach its peak. Add a few drops of water to help the aromas develop within the glass.

  • Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1

    Peated malt: Pilsner malt from Castle Maltings in Belgium. Peated to a phenolic level of 40, 43 and 45ppm with peat from Scotland

    Barely types: Henley, Sébastian

    Process water: From Bålsjön, filtered through sand and carbon filters

    Cooling water: From Ångermanälven

    Included batches: 124B, 146A-164A, 189B-194A

    Batch size: 1200 kg malt

    Average fermentation time: 80 hours in stainless steels washbacks.

    Distilled between: 10/10/2011 – 16/01/2012

    First cut point:
    Peated spirit: 30 minutes head (foreshots)

    Second Cut:
    Peated spirit: 60 % ABV (20°C)

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): 51,1 % ABV
    Age: 4,16 years (average 4,32 years)
    Phenol content PPM: 40, 43 and 45 ppm. Average 42,5 ppm (malt)
    Cask: 1st fill bourbon (98 %), New American oak (2 %)
    Number of Bottles: 7 880 st
    Bottle Size: 50 ml
    Price: 0 SEK

2nd Step

The 2nd Step Collection was the second product series from Box and was launched in 2016-2017 with three different editions

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