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63°0'N 12°12'E +46 (0) 612 530 60, High Coast, Sweden
+46 (0) 612 530 60 @highcoastwhisky

Whisky tastings

We are happy to arrange a whisky tasting for you and your friends.
Here on site at Ådalen or wherever you are.

If you have not experienced a High Coast tasting, you should definitely book a whisky evening with us. At the High Coast Distillery, you can find some of Sweden’s most knowledgeable and well-liked tasting leaders, all of which are happy to fill an evening with knowledge, anecdotes and fantastic whisky.

Hasse Nilsson hosting a tasting in Warehouse 3 at the High Coast Distillery.


Whisky clubs (without serving licence)

Free of charge, you only pay for the whisky

Company (without serving licence)

SEK 1,000 in fee + cost for whisky

Restaurant / hotel (with serving licence)

250 SEK / participant including whisky, ex. VAT

Private groups (without serving licence)

Minimum 15 people. Contact us at 0612-530 60.

Tasting at High Coast Distillery

325 SEK / person, minimum 10 people. We also have tastings the first Saturday every month in connection with being open. The tasting is at 15:15 without the minimum number.

We arrange tastings for both extremely interested whisky enthusiasts and for those who just think whisky seems fun.

Of course, we always talk about our High Coast Single Malt Whisky, our cask offers and why the High Coast Distillery has such unique conditions to make world-class whisky.

We need to know how many you will be for the tasting. Occasionally however, we do hold exceptions for groups fewer than ten people. Contact us and we will tailor an arrangement just for you. We can usually help with everything practical about the tasting such as glasses, tasting mats and more. All you have to do is invite participants and get a room.

Call 0612 – 530 60 or mail

The High Coast Whisky Insider