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Cask Owners Bottling 2015

The first tribute to all our private cask owners came in 2015. A unique bottling exclusively for the 134 owners of private bottlings have contributed with individual flavours. Bourbon matured, light smoky with a lovely top note from the barrel owning community.

Many times we have been asked what we do of the small volumes that remain once we’ve emptied and bottled an anchor for a customer. The answer is the cask owners’ bottling. We think that the best solution is to give back the remainder to all our cask owners through a unique bottling. By the end of October 2015, we had saved 31.2 kg from 134 bottles. The whiskey was used as a top note to spice up a base from quarter casks, which in this case, were 130 liter bourbon barrels. A more powerful base had completely hidden the character of the incoming remnants.

  • 97,13 % of the whisky comes from 130 liter Bourbon casks.

    The remaining 2,87% is from the remians of tipped and bottles customer casks.

    21,12 % of the whisky is peated.

    Cask Owners Bottling contains no artificial colouring and is non chill-filtered.

  • Bourbon casks are built out of recently emptied Bourbon barrels, the are re-formed into 130 liter (quater casks) casks at Speyside Cooperage in Scotland and 40 liter (Ankare) by Thorslundskagge in Sweden.

    The casks which are re-formed in Sweden are charred American oak (Quercus alba). The oak is air dried for 24 months. Produced by Thorslundkagge october 2011.

    Hungarian oak casks (Quercus petraea) are from Northern Hungary and are medium toasted.

    Swedish oak casks (Quercus robur) from Hörnsö Mönsterås were sawn in December 2008, air dried outside for 36 months built in to casks in January 2012 and given a medium plus toasting.

    French oak casks(Quercus robur) also medium plus toasting are from Allier. The sherry casks are reworked into 40 liter casks from 500 liter oloroso casks by Thorslundskagge.

    29/10/2015 1090 kilos of whisky, with an average strength of 59,3% abv, were emptied into our blending tank. There we added water to reach the desired strength of 53,5% abv.

    Cask Owners Bottling 2015 was bottled 02/11/2015 providing us with 2619 bottles. 2466 bottles were released through a hidden order number via Systembolagets order range. Remaining bottles were given a non official status and label used for festivals and tasting events.

    We recommend that Cask Owners Bottling 2015 is allowed to breathe in the glass for a few moments to reach its peak. Add a few drops of water to help the aromas develop within the glass.

  • Yeast: Fermentis Safwhisky M-1

    Unpeated malt: Pilsner malt from Vikingmalt in Halmstad.

    Peated malt: Pilsner malt from Castle Maltings in Belgien. Peated to a phenolic level of 31 and 46ppm with peat from Scotland.

    Process water: From Bålsjön, filtered through sand and carbon filters

    Cooling water: From Ångermanälven

    Batch size: 1200 kg malt / 6300 liter wort

    Average fermentation time: 80 hours in stainless steels washbacks.

    Distilled between: 021/02/2012 – 02/10/2012

    First Cut:
    Unpeated spirit: 13 minutes head (foreshots)
    Peated spirit: 30 minutes head (foreshots)

    Second Cut:
    Unpeated spirit: 67 % ABV (20°C)
    Peated spirit: 60 % ABV (20°C)

  • Strength ABV (alcohol by volume): 53,5 % % ABV
    Age: 3 years (Average 4,097 years)
    Phenol content PPM: 0, 31, 39, 40, 43 and 45 ppm. Average 9 ppm (malt)
    Cask: 1st fill bourbon, 1st fill oloroso sherry as well as new American, Hungarian, French and Swedish oak.
    Number of Bottles: 2 466 st
    Bottle Size: 50 ml
    Price: 790 SEK

Cask Owners

Cask Owners Bottling is an exclusive bottling that is only offered to private cask owners. Each bottling includes small portions of the private barrels bottled during the time period between these exclusive editions.

The High Coast Whisky Insider