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Owner, CEO & Board

Box Destilleri AB’s total registered share capital at the end of 2018 was 3906756 kronor, divided into 1929970 A shares and 1976786 B shares. The shares’ quota value is SEK 1 per share. The A shares give right to ten (10) votes and the B shares entitle the holder to one (1) vote.

Box has been traded on (formerly since 2011, a marketplace for trading in unlisted shares. Pepins organizes trade in some 30 small and medium-sized companies. Trading is done regularly, once a month, to create and collect liquidity in the share. The trade with Box B shares began on September 14, 2011.

The largest owners are Lars Bäckvall through the company Norrlandspojkarna AB, BLL Invest AB and Axson Svenska AB.



Belongs to the company’s founding group and has worked with whisky for the past five years. Shares: 133,903 A-shares, of which 121,403 through companies and 31,905 B-shares, of which 12,500 through the company. Ankare: 10 casks.


From left: Johan Nikula, Mats De Vahl, Birger Larsson, Gabriella Axelsson, Kurt O Eriksson, Thomas Kuutanen, Thomas Larsson

JOHAN NIKULA, Chairman, b 1957
Johan has worked extensively with marketing and management. He has had several CEO positions, among others in Sporrong and Sundsvallsflyg. Johan is chairman and currently club manager in GIF Sundsvall. He was elected Chairman of the Board of BOX Destilleri AB at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Shares: 500 A shares. Ankare: 2 Casks.

BIRGER LARSSON, Member, b 1958

CEO and co-owner of BLL Invest AB.

Shares: 298,907 class A shares and 68,195 class B shares through BLL Invest AB. Ankare: 2 pieces.

MATS DE VAHL, Member, b 1954

Mats belongs to the group that participated and founded Box Destilleri AB.

Shares: 56,106 A shares and 3,363 B shares through Vahlab AB and 1,100 B shares privately. Ankare: 2 pieces.


Deputy CEO and member of Axson Svenska AB with their head office in Gothenburg and with board positions in 7 other companies including Axson Teknik AB, Control Metering AB, Meltolit AB and Svetsteknik AB. She has a great whisky interest and is also CEO and co-owner of Whiskytaste Sweden AB..

Shares: 230,000 A shares and 75,291 B shares through Axson Svenska AB and 9,776 B shares private Ankare: 5 pieces

THOMAS KUUTANEN, b. 1969, member of the board

KURT O ERIKSSON, member b 1948

Board member, holding (via company and private) 187,559 A shares, 6,572 B shares, 5 ankare.

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