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Festival 2019

Welcome to the High Coast Whisky Festival, the first under our new name which takes place on the 28th and 29th June 2019. We promise you a fantastic time starting on Friday 28 June when the gates open at 17.00. Later on Friday night, Moneybrother is joining us and performing on the stage. Restaurants, bars and exhibitors are also in full swing.

On Saturday we open as usual at 11.00. for a day filled with whisky tastings, events on stage, good food, great company and a relaxed atmosphere in the beautiful surroundings of the distillery along the beachfront. Tickets to the tastings and entrance to the festival can be found on, follow the link below.


Friday 395 kr/person (incl concert with Moneybrother)

Saturday 200 kr/person

2 Day ticket 495 kr/person

Link to ticket booking

Whisky Tastings

Roger Melander

Magic pulled from the cask, 11:45 (approx. 70 min)
Distillery Manager Roger Melander watches like a hawk over 10000 casks in our warehouses. For reasons which we won’t go into, he believes all the casks are his own. We don’t doubt that, he knows whats hidding in the depths of the warehouses. Welcome to an unorthodox tasting where Roger delivers high octane favourites straight from the casks.
Roger Melander, 300 kr/person, 100 seats. Saturday.

Quercus – A study of oak, 17:00 (approx 70 min)
It’s in the oak it happens. Simply put if you don’t have good oak you can’t make good whisky. However, it does need a bit of love and attention to bring out the best aspects it holds. Few know more about the oak’s secrets than Roger Melander. Welcome to an educational journey.

Roger Melander, 300 Kr / person, 100 seats. Saturday.

Quercus III — Petraea

Lars Karlsson

Exklusive Tasting, 13:45 (approx 70 min) SOLD OUT
Whisky obviously doesn’t have to be better just because it’s more expensive. But, unfortunately, it is often the case. High Coast’s own Lars Karlsson has an incomparable nose for better whisky. In this tasting, he focuses his aromatic skills a little more than usual and pours some incredible drams in this master class.
Lars Karlsson, 650 kr/person, 45 seats. Saturday.

A taste of High Coast, . 17:15 (approx 70 min) SOLD OUT
There is a lot of excitement hidden within Box / High Coast whisky, whisky you forgot and whisky you never got a chance to see. We asked Lars to take an extra look in the warehouses and sniff out those drams with that little extra.
Lars Karlsson,  400 kr/person, 45 seat. Saturday.

Peter Söderlind

From timber to whisky, 15:00 (approx 70 min)
The story of wood i Ådalen started long before whisky and long before Box. With timber and the river as the common denominator, Peter takes us back to how it once was and how it developed into where we are now. This will be done accompanied by five whiskies selected from the BOX era.
Peter Söderlind, 300 kr/person, 45 seats. Saturday.

Hasse Nilsson

A midsummer evenings smoke, 18:00
Is there anything more magical than the rivers’ dance on a northern summer evening. In that case, it should be the mystery found within a really good smoky whisky. Hasse has selected some favorites from near and far. Wait for smoke bombs from both Scotland and the High Coast.

Hasse Nilsson, 300kr / person, 45 seats, about 70 min. Friday.

Whisky’s ABC, kl 12:15
With knowledge, whisky becomes better. Hasse goes through the basics for those who want to know more about this noble drink.

Hasse Nilsson, 300kr / person, 45 seats, about 70 min. Saturday.

Älvrök i sommarkvällen, kl 20:00
Finns det något mer magisk än älvornas dans i den norrländska sommarkvällen. Det ska i så fall vara mystiken i en riktigt bra rökig whisky. Hasse har valt ut några favoriter från när och fjärran. Vänta dig rökbomber från både Skottland och Höga Kusten. Hasse Nilsson, 300kr/person, 45 platser, ca 70 min. Lördag.

Dave Francis

Whisky with a bite, kl 17:45 
Our new export manager Dave guides you through various whiskies with tips on combinations together with cheese and chocolates. Dave’s tasting will be in Swenglish with really bad jokes!

Dave Francis, 450 SEK / person, 45 seats, about 70 min. Saturday

Thomas Sundblom

Rhum, Rum, Ron, Rom, kl 19:30

What’s the difference between the various names given to rum?What are the rules around rum?
More and more beverage connoiseurs are looking at rum, but very few have knowledge of this exciting drink. You now have the chance to learn about rum together with Thomas Sundblom CEO of Clydesdale. We’ll try a number of varieties and learn about the history, origin, production, maturation, the laws and of course the taste.
Thomas Sundblom 300 kr/pers, 45 seats, approx 70 min. Saturday

Pramod Kashyap

Amrut-provning Friday 18.00 & Saturday 11.30

The Indian wonder strikes the world with astonishment. Amrut Single Malt Whisky has really been well received all over the world and regularly win awards for their whisky. We happy to have Pramod visit us from Bangalore and present what Amrut is and and what to expect in their whisky. Some rarities will also be sampled during this exclusive tasting.

Language English. 350 kr / person, 45 seats, about 70 min. Friday & Saturday

Link to tickets

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